Those who survive and survive traumatic processes are psychologically resilient. The traumas experienced can make it stronger. We have prepared simple 21 suggestions for you. We hope you will some benefit from these suggestions


For your psychological problems, it is more appropriate to undergo a psychiatric evaluation first. The specialist authorized to make this assessment is the psychiatric doctor. The method to treat psychological problems by which specialists may vary depending on the psychological problem. Some problems are treated with psychiatric drugs only by a psychiatrist. Several problems are treated with medication and psychotherapy. And some problems are treated with psychotherapy only. Such as, when coping skills are not acquired, problems related to social adaptation may occur. At this point, psychotherapy support is a crucial point to be taken. For instance, in Bipolar Affective Disorders, psychiatric treatment support should definitely be obtained.

  1. DRUG USE:

You should decide by a psychiatrist that you will not use medication for your psychological problems. Psychiatric drugs start with the prescription of the psychiatrist and end with psychiatrist control. Termination is done with a certain period. Unless the psychiatrist tells you, the drugs are not stopped suddenly. The psychiatrist should evaluate and decide on your medication situation. The return of the disease is usually more severe if the person leaves the medication without consulting a psychiatrist. If you want to get good results from your treatment, do not disrupt your current medication and listen to your psychiatrist.


If you are receiving psychotherapy service, leave it to the expert’s discretion when your therapy will end. Psychotherapy is a professional process that requires expertise within a specific plan. Specialists authorized to perform psychotherapy are psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychological counsellors. If you want to get results from your treatment, do not disrupt your current psychotherapy and act under expert supervision.


Small positive changes in your life can lead to even bigger positive changes! Small problems that you don’t care about or don’t take seriously can cause bigger problems. Don’t ignore the domino effect. Do not ignore solving your problems. Get professional help if needed.


Stop talking about your psychological problems with others. The problems are like a bleeding wound. Talking about problems with others is to dig through the wound and the wound does not heal and bleeds continuously. If you want to get rid of your problems, stop talking about your problems with others. Discuss your issues with mental health professionals. Talking about your problems with others for relief can give you short-term relief. However, talking about problems over and over again means experiencing negative emotions over and over again. You feel like everything happened yesterday. This is the biggest obstacle to your recovery.


Don’t be constantly busy with the past and the future. Yesterday is gone. Constant thinking about what is gone makes you depressed. Tomorrow is yet to come. Always thinking about what will not come worries you. If you don’t live the moment well, you will not have past and future expectations that you will remember positively.


Look at the developments from the right place Viewing events from a right angle, is one of the fundamental characteristics of a resilient individual. The traumas experienced are not the end of the world. Traumas can make you stronger. Whatever you experience, life constantly goes on as long as the sun rises. Life continues for you as you are a part of this world. Starting over is always in your hands.


Life doesn’t go on flawlessly. There may always be problems in our lives. Whether the problems are small or big, you can deal with them and integrate them into your life. Sometimes you have to learn to live with problems. Don’t get stuck on problems. You can improve your ability to cope with problems. Avoidance of problems and habit of procrastination, will not help you in any form. Rather, you have to face problems. Acting on right points in true way, will pave the way for success. If you cannot solve your problems, you should change the way you cope. You cannot solve your problems with methods that have been tried and failed before.


To be happy, you need a healthy individual, a healthy understanding of love, and a healthy understanding of empathy. If these are problematic, you cannot live and share together. You may have the self-problem. If you think that only you know the truth, you cannot tolerate people whose thoughts and beliefs are different. Can you stand it? For a healthy self, first accept your flaws and problems and face them. Make an effort to correct your flaws and problems. You may have a love problem. You don’t need a reason to love. You don’t need to have an interest in order to love. You can love unconditionally. You don’t have to love everything either. But you have to respect the life of every living thing. Loving is not an obstacle to respect. You may have an empathy problem. Empathy is understanding the other person’s thoughts and feelings. Do you understand and feel? Put yourself in the shoes of the person you want to empathize with to understand and feel, and don’t do to others what you don’t want done to yourself.


Pay attention to the sleep pattern. To be psychologically healthy, you must take care of your physical health. As an adult, 6-7 hours of quality sleep is enough for you. The time you go to bed to sleep should not exceed 12:00 at night. There shouldn’t be anything to interrupt your sleep in the environment you sleep in. Do not sleep by watching TV or listening to music. Do not sleep with the light on. The room you sleep in should be as quiet and dark as possible. Do not drink or eat acidic / caffeinated beverages such as cola, soda, tea, coffee, energy drinks and tobacco products at least 1.5 hours before going to sleep. You can drink water. Do not be busy with digital materials such as TV, mobile phone, computer, tablet at least 30 minutes before going to sleep. Do not wait for your sleep to come by being busy with these. 30 minutes before bedtime, put on your pajamas, brush your teeth, and go to the toilet. Once you’ve done these, read a book on the couch / sofa or (preferably) in your bed. Reading books will make you sleepy. If you get sleepy, turn off the lights without waiting for your sleep time, go to your bed to sleep and close your eyes. Even if you do not feel sleepy when you read a book, turn off the lights when it’s time to sleep, go to bed to sleep and close your eyes. You will sleep after a while. When you continue with this routine, you will see that your sleep will stabilize. If you did these routines for a certain period of time to sleep and did not get results, you probably have negative thoughts that prevent you from sleeping. In this case, you should get expert support. In the short term, write down what you have in mind to relax you and stop your negative thoughts until you get expert support. When your thoughts are empty, you can fall asleep more comfortably.


Pay attention to your meal order. To be psychologically healthy, you must take care of your physical health. You should definitely eat morning and evening meals (preferably at home and with your family). You may prefer lighter foods and fruit for lunch. If you live with your family, don’t see meals as just a meal. Know that meals are family gatherings at home. You can chat with your family members while eating. You can start a conversation by asking your family members questions such as how the day was. You can also talk about how day your was. Talking to family members is always good.


Remember that sexuality is a necessity and has a healing effect. If you are married, in good physical health and, in the adult age group, you should have intercourse with your spouse at least once every four days. In the age group of fifty and above, this period may be once a week or more.


Pay attention to physical activity. If you can, do regular exercise. Otherwise, exercise at home or outside. Take a walk every day for an hour in the morning and / or evening, if possible. If you do not have the opportunity to do it on weekdays, take a walk for an hour in the morning and / or evening for 2 days.


Pay attention to social activities. If you have the opportunity, go trekking, camping in nature, fishing, having a picnic, walking the streets, going to the cinema and theatre, incapability definitely goes on holidays.

  1. FAMILY:

Give importance to your family. Spend time with your family. Do not neglect to talk to your family. Make video calls with distant family members at least once a week. Remember that your family is the most effective source of social support.


Pay attention to your social environment. Pay attention to your relatives, friends, and neighbourhood relationships. Remember that your social circle is an effective source of social support.


Pay attention to what you watch. Do not watch every movie or video. Do not watch movies and videos with extreme scenes of death, violence, horror, slang and sexuality. You can watch documentary and historical movies with your family.


Pay attention to what you read. Do not read publications such as books, magazines and newspapers that contain excessive death, violence, fear, slang and sexuality. Do not read publications that may cause paranoia. Having a book and / or magazine you follow will keep you busy. Beneficial engagements in psychological treatments support recovery.


Don’t be someone who constantly listens, watches and reads the news. Don’t spend your whole day following the news in the world and in your country. This will not do you any good. If so, you will spend the day inefficiently and miss productive activities.


Pay attention to alcohol consumption. You should know that alcohol is not always a drinkable beverage like water, tea and coffee. Drinking alcohol constantly prevents you from thinking and making decisions.


You must have an animal and / or plant you feed. It will do you good to engage with animals or plants. Know that animal and plant nutrition have a healing effect.


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