Webinar (MOBBING – Peer Bullying in Children and Adolescents)

Psychology and pedagogy conversations on Mobbing – Peer Bullying in Children and Adolescents will start on Wednesday, October 7, by Psychological Counselor Ufuk Güvenç. Parents and mental health professionals can participate in the training. The webinar is limited to fifty (50) people.


  • Mobbing – What is Peer Bullying?
  • What are the causes and symptoms of Peer Bullying?
  • What are the types of Peer Bullying?
  • How do we protect children from Peer Bullying?
  • How should children who are exposed to Peer Bullying be approached?
  • How should families who have this problem in their children approach their children?
  • How should Peer Bullying be treated?
  • How and why do bullies practice mobbing?
  • What are the different studies with children and adolescents in bullies, victims, and spectators?

For documents and program links: info@logosmentoring.com